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RC Remote Control Submarine Mini Toy Sub For Pool

Your kids will love this RC Remote Control Submarine and have hours of fun! Get a 50% OFF price today ONLY for our clearance sale!

Than this is the one for you, High Simulation Mini rc Submarine is durable and smooth. Exquisite workmanship, mini and lightweight. It’s cool and exquisite appearance gives you a vivid feel for the real submarine. You can't see if the submarine has electricity. When you get the submarine, you put it in the water. Its lights will turn on. It is charged very quickly. You can't see if it's charging or not. 

Waterproof Design, There are two led lights in the front which are very visible in the dark, so you know where the sub is underwater. There are two rubber drain plugs in case you get water inside the body of the boat

Super Easy to control, Mini rc Submarine got 6 Channel design. It can easily move forward and backward, turn left and right, diving and surface. The middle propeller controls floating and dive. Back propeller control submarine turn forward, turn backward, turn left and turn right. When it is charged, the light may turn on and then off, or it may not light.

Rechargeable Battery, There is a small Ni-MH battery inside the boat, and what's amazing is you can recharge the boat again and again for unlimited use. 


  • Ideal choice for giving a fantastic gift for your kid's birthday or upcoming festivals
  • With exquisite design and eye-catching style, it is suitable for each kid with strong curiosity.
  • It is really a helpful way to cultivate your kid's operating ability as well as bring him lots of surprise and entertainment. More fun begins from this remote control toy.
  • Easy to control as its professional manufacture, suitable for 8+ children.
  • It will bring your kid lots of fun, be a good companion for your kid, give your kid unforgettable memory on special days

rc submarine

rc submarine


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