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Electric Rejuvenating Head Scalp Massager Machine Metal

Our Electric Rejuvenating Head Scalp Massager is the most effective way to relieve head tension, soothe headaches and promote better sleep!

head massager

Our Scalp Massager got battery power supply makes the five massage heads vibrate at the same time, imitating the massage effect of the fingers, which is beneficial to relieve fatigue and make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Promote blood circulation in the head, By soothing vibration, massage the scalp, can promote the blood circulation of the head, activate the vitality of the cells, prevent hair loss, enhance memory, clear the mind, relieve fatigue, and have a better effect on insomnia, headache. It is recommended to use 5-10 minutes a day to keep you energized all day

More function less stress, it can be used for head massage, facial massage, neck massage, arm massage, etc. It can be used by the whole family, effectively alleviating the exhaustion of study and work. It is the best gift for parents, children and friends

Convenient to carry, Small size, light weight, Hand Held design, you can bring it to home, office and anywhere. You don't have to go to the beauty salon to do a spa, you can enjoy a comfortable head massage at home

Material safety, Our Scalp Massager use heat-resistant and flame-retardant ABS plastic, tasteless, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and durable.       

Enhance your beauty with a vibrating head sap. Before taking a bath, use the device to ensure that all impurities are removed from the hair. After drying your hair with a towel, use the device to provide a hand-massage to your scalp.

Flexibility in Usage, Smooth facial roller for easy rolling over your eye area, cheeks, neck or forehead; the head scalp massager with ergonomic grip for comfortable use on temple or head.

Vibration Massager: Five massage heads release ions and vibrate the ion to massage at the same time. Continuous percussion matches well with shaking, which is relaxing when you feel very tired, the electric massager will be helpful for the back massager, head massager, hand massager, foot massager, shoulder massager, arm massager, and lower back massager.

Massage Per Day: Massage your head or scalp with it for 7-10 minutes per day, promote the blood circulation of your head, relax stressed muscles, relieve aches and pains, provides deep relaxation, and helps reduce stress, make you the energetic whole day.


  • Ergonomic handle design, convenient and comfortable to use.
  • Help to remove the muscle tension, pain and tiredness, improve the blood circulation of the head, and prevent hair loss.
  • Lightweight and portable size, easy to carry and use.
  • Flexible massage steel ball and ergonomic handle for convenient use at any time and anywhere. You’ll find that relaxing is so easy!
  • Claw massage heads with flexible steel balls can effectively promote blood circulation in the head, relax muscles, relieve pressure and provide deep relaxation.
  • Easy to carry size, you can easily put in your pocket and backpack, massage the scalp anywhere and anytime, suitable for carrying around.
  • Beautiful colors and excellent quality are perfect holiday gifts.

head massager

head massager


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