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Remote Control Dinosaur Robot


Get an amazing toy that's packed with features like this s Remote Control Dinosaur Robot

Remote Control Dinosaur Robot

Kids will have an amazing fun time playing with the Remote Control Dinosaur Robot. This rc robot dinosaur Velociraptor is packed with cool features like mist spray, fighting mode, dancing, singing and more.

RC robot dinosaur toy


  • Remote control robot dinosaur sprays out a mist that looks like it's breathing fire.
  • Bionic design. The robot dinosaur's tail wags when walking; and dinosaur's eyes will sparkle.
  • Fighting mode. This rc dinosaur is a battle dragon. There's a launcher on its back that could shot arrows.
  • Study mode. Kids could imitate singing and dancing with the dinosaur, learn math, simple language, common sense, Q&A interactive games, this dinosaur could be a reassuring electronic cute pet.
  • Velociraptor is rechargeable (Ni-Cd 800mAh installed).
  • Ferocious power but with cute and smart appearance.
  • Item size 40x15.5x22cm

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rc dino robot

What You'll Get: 

1 x RC Robot Dinosaur

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