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Rock Climbing Harness Mens Womens


Use our Rock Climbing Harness to ensure your safety and other's safety when participating in activities like rock climbing, rappelling or just mountaineering the outdoors!

The Best Climbing Harness is made of high-quality materials for more durability, safety and long-lasting. It will make all your moves safer and easier. The body of the climbing gear belt is made of premium polyester with a comfortable and durable waist pad, very easy to use and easier to adjust. In one hand the side D-rings design for work positioning and fall protection. On the other hand, the hip pad of this climbing equipment is designed to provide a comfort and versatility experience while working or practicing your favorite outdoor activities such as mountain climbing.

    Climbing harness for rock climbing, mountaineering, roofing, tree arborist, descending, hiking, downhill, training, rescue, rappelling, escape, aerial working, caving, abseiling, survival, construction, etc.

    Rock climbing harness for is made from high-strength polypropylene and alloy carabineer, ultra-light material, wear-resistant, portable

    Rappelling gear is easy to wear and remove, comfortable, durable for outdoor sports, with storage bag for convenient carry.

    Professional safety belt is suitable for half body fall protection, with shoulder belt, chest belt, and waist support.

    Breathable & comfortable, Breathable foam for user comfort & adjustable bungee stretchy straps for extreme flexibility to tackle any height, giving it the versatility to climb and handle multiple climbing disciplines & difficulties,

    Quality, Climbing harness is made from 100% polyester, all connections webbing & quick release snap on connections have strong reinforced double stitching & premium grade full construction to keep you comfortable while climbing.


    • High strength polyester. 
    • Innovated lightweight construction of the waist belt and leg loops provides maximum support and comfort.
    • Adjustable to fit most people.
    • Light weight harness with reinforced belay loop. 
    • Easy to wear to protect waist and legs.
    • Protect waist and quick-adjust leg loops, professional rock climbing harness. 
    • Two double back buckles allow waist belt to be adjusted and secured in a single movement.

    Good for under high use conditions like a climbing gym, rope course,rock climbing, floor escape, rappelling, mountaineering outdoor guides

    rock climbing harness

    rock climbing harness