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Secret Wireless Spy Hidden Camera

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Be able to see anyone you want WITHOUT them even knowing they're on camera with our Secret Wireless Spy Hidden Camera! This is useful for home security, secret spy missions and just casual surveillance!

One of the smallest hidden secret video recorder in the world. It’s super convenient to take photos or videos without any attention, which makes it perfect as a home security camera, a housekeeper or nanny cam.

Night vision, Enhanced night vision with 6 pcs IR led lights for a clear display in low light conditions(not light up in use).It decent enough to record what is going on in low light or total darkness.

Motion detection, when object moves on the front of the obscure lens, motion detection will be activated and the device will start recording automatically.

Last recording, The HD secret video recorder could be recharged by DC-5V charger while working and continue taking videos, the happy time cannot be interrupted, equipped cable also could be plug in TV OUT screen for displaying and transmitting data.

One smart secret video recorder and endless possibilities, The smallest cube camera that gives you infinite options: On the go, traveling, in your pocket, inside or outside your house car or office, as a garden, action, kids, nanny or a pet cam. Just slot the memory card choose your function and the camera will do the rest!

User friendly, our secret video recorder is small, portable and easy to hide! Designed with a magnetic back, you can place your hidden camera anywhere you need to keep a watchful eye!


  • Personal and Professional Versatility.
  • This multipurpose portable secret video recorder with 1080P HD clarity can be used to safeguard your home or office even when you’re not around. 
  • Offering easy plug-and-play use with any electrical outlet.
  • The slim, compact, and discrete design helps hide the memory card slot, doesn’t produce sounds, and has no visual indicators for complete stealth mode.
  • Easy to use.
  • Loop recording.

secret camera

secret camera

secret camera


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