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Smart Watering System


Save time and effort by automatically watering your plants just using your phone.

No more worrying about your plants wilting or dying when you're away from home. Dripping Pro will keep your plants watered on time and ensure that they thrive even in your absence.


    • App Controlled: Available for Android and IOS devices. You can control the Dripping Pro and all its functions through the App.

    • Fully Automated:  Fill the reservoir with water, pick the drip cycle and volume on the App. That's it. Dripping Pro will do the rest. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy your garden.

    • Suitable for all kinds of plants: Fruit and vegetable plants, floral plants, creepers, succulents, bonsai. It works well with potted plants, grow-bags, seeding trays, etc.

    • All parts included: The Package includes all the tools and parts required to assemble and use the Dripping Pro. The user manual will also direct you on easy assembly, usage, and maintenance.

    • Saves 60% more water: Dripping Pro ensures that your plants are not overwatered or underwatered. Your garden will thrive while saving more water.

    • Built to last: The Dripping Pro uses high-quality and durable tubings, drippers, and leak-proof fittings that will last you a lifetime of use. 
    • Boost Plant Growth: Dripping Pro waters directly to the roots of the plants. The cyclical dripping also increases soil moisture retention and nutrient absorption. Thus, your plants get all the nutrition to boost their growth and yield.

    Things you can do with Dripping Pro:

    • Water up to 8 pots simultaneously.
    • Pick watering cycles for each plant on a 1, 2, 3-day and weekly basis. You can also pick specific days to water your plants.
    • Choose drip frequency and water volume per pot.
    • Monitor each plant's water consumption.
    • Easily monitor reservoir water levels and know how long it will last. This is especially helpful to know if you are going away from home for a few days.
    • And many more functions to be explored. 

    Dripping Pro saves time, effort and makes the life of an indoor gardener easy. Your garden will thrive with the least amount of effort.

    Box Includes:

    • Dripping Pro
    • Pipe Cutter
    • 10 Drop Arrows
    • Power Adapter
    • Securing Clip
    • Plugging Header
    • 8 "Tee Connectors"
    • 2  "Straight Connectors"
    • 5m Tubing

    You can also order additional spare parts like tubes, fittings, drip pins, etc as per your needs.


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