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SmartGarden - Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain Kit

Bird Watch From Home With No Maintenance!

For the first time ever, make any body of water into a beautiful bird bath fountain. The Solar Bird Bath Fountain can be used anywhere and runs off solar power, this means no maintenance, ugly wires or set up, making it perfect for any backyard, garden or home this Spring and Summer!

Use it in ponds, fountains, pools of water or anywhere you please! Simply put the fountain into water with the solar panels faced up under the sun and it will run automatically every day. It includes suction cups attached to the bottom that can be placed on the bottom surface of your pond so that the fountain doesn't float around freely.

You will receive 4 different fountain heads, these alter the style and patterns of the fountains water as it sprays out the top.

How It Works

The Solar Bird Bath Fountain runs by using solar panels on the top of the base, this means no maintenance, set up, plugs, or work is required. The fountain does need full sun exposure and a little bit of time to start performing.

It can be easily cleaned and we highly recommend keeping it in clean water so it doesn't get mossy or dirty. It also works great for circulation oxygen in water, this is great for ponds and fish tanks.

Product Information

Color: Black
Size: 6.3 x 6.3 x 0.7 inches
Weight: 9.17 oz (260g)
Package Contents: 1 x Bird Fountain Kit, 4 x Fountain Heads, 3 x Attachments, Assembly Instructions