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Square Hole Mortiser Drill Bit

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Save time and enjoy having no trouble drilling perfect and precise square holes easily with the Square Hole Mortiser Drill Bit. It will severely reduce the labor intensity, since it practically allows you to cut through wood like its paper. This premium Square Hole Mortiser Drill Bit is what every experienced craftsman needs in his tool arsenal.




  • Made Of Stainless Steel - Lasts Forever!
  • Precise & Easy To Use
  • Perfect for Craftsmen, Engineers, Woodworking Enthusiasts
  • Reduces Labor Costs
  • Speeds Up Construction Process

Have you ever wanted to drill perfect squares into your woodcraft, but don't know how? Well, worry no more with the Square Hole Mortiser Drill Bit. They're what you need. The combination of a easy to use and time saving way of drilling perfect and precise squares is what fueled the design to be able to make drilling perfect squares into your craft trouble-free and fast.


Look at how easy this goes! You must have it!

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  • 2 sizes- 10mm/16mm
  • Length- 203mm(10mm diameter); 208mm(16mm diameter)
  • Material- 100% stainless steel