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Stand Up Desk Height Adjustable Table Computer Workstation

Our Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk is an INSTANT solution to feeling more comfortable while working at the office or home, or even just relaxing watching a movie on the couch!

Do you use your laptop when laying in bed or relaxing on the couch? Your laptop emits uncomfortable heat on your lap and does not properly vent because there's nowhere for the airflow to go. Meet our Adjustable Standing Desk, the all in one solution for computing when on the couch or in bed. Engineered with venting holes on the surface and can be fully adjustable to meet your desired height, this is future of home desks. It has never been so easy to work from the couch or watch your favorite movie in bed. This desk is chill but can also improve your posture if you're willing to put in the work. It can be used as a standing desk at home or in the office. Just place it on your existing desk, raise to comfortable standing height, and burn those unwanted calories!

Easily adjustable, this Adjustable desk is very easy to adjust. You just need to press the button on the side of the stand, set the angle and then release the button to a fixed position. The legs can be adjusted to various positions to fit your requirements.

Durable design, Built with a lightweight, highly-strengthened aluminum tray with 2 non-slip buckles and 6 sturdy adjustable ABS auto-locking joints (ABS is a two phase polymer blend, hardest and durable thermoplastic) that make it easy to carry and hold your computer firmly without slippage.

User friendly design, this Adjustable desk is designed with full control and flexibility for your convenience so that you can use your computer at the most comfortable position. Remove mouse board meets all people‘s usage habit. Adjustable height for different postures and heights. All for your ideas.

Multifunction use, This Adjustable desk is extremely practical. It can be used as a lap desk while sitting on the sofa or bed, a standing desk for home and office, a TV tray for snacking, a playing table, or a working desk in your car and so on. Ideal for all situations


  • A newly laptop Adjustable desk, designed smartly, powerful and flexible, suitable on bed, sofa, lawn, and outside. Easy to carry and use for adult or kids. 
  • Collapsible frame for easy storage and portability. Can be set in multiple angles to fit any body position. Relieve Your Neck Pain and Tension.
  • Use it any way you want it, ergonomic table can also be used for a TV dinner or breakfast tray, sound equipment, projector, notebook standing desks, book tray, writing desk, tablet holder, and other then laptop stand.
  • Light Weight, High Strength Aluminum Tray, Sturdy Fully Adjustable legs - Makes Carrying Easy and Holds Your Computer Firm and Steady. Rotate 360 Degrees and Lock in Place at Various Angles. Allows freely adjustment based on your needs

Stand Up Height Adjustable Desk

Stand Up Height Adjustable Desk

Stand Up Height Adjustable Desk


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