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Strong High Powered Laser Pointer


Exploring powerful gadgets to make your hiking, camping endeavors more adventurous? Then Strong High Powered Laser Pointer is your ultimate adventure partner on-the-go. The high power laser pointer is a must to keep while exploring mountains, hills, rivers, forest or any other adventurous place. The Strong High Powered Laser Pointer serves best for security and visioning reasons at dark places with powerful Blue laser light. This powerful laser pointer comes with more agonizing features.

  •  Battery Capacity

The high power laser pointer with blue beam has an output wavelength of approx. 440-450nm. The high power laser pointer has a powerful and impactful battery of 300000 mW. The laser pointer is power support by 2pcs of 16340 lithium battery. The powerful mechanism includes circuit control: 5 V booster take reverse to connect protection and circuit efficiency: the boost conversion efficiency above 95%. Thus, any problem can be detected by hundreds of meter far away.

  •  Distant Vision

The heavy-duty, high powered laser functions durably with extreme Working temperature that is 10°c~ + 30°c. The high powered laser can focus on ways, routes, objects and much more from distance of 1500metres at night and 30-100 meters in sunlight.

  • Multi-Functional

The strong internal wiring provides constant current output for the powerful laser pointer making it beneficial for multipurpose. The powerful laser pointer can be used for a wide range of security concerns, alarming others, broadening your distant vision, etc.

  • Premium Design

The powerful laser is made of shell material: aviation aluminum and surface treatment: anode oxidation military green. The advanced aluminum alloy structure, visible blue beam laser light and adjustable zoom in and out focus makes this powerful laser exceptional from others.

  • Application

Keeping the most powerful laser pointer is surely a must for your adventure trip. The laser pointer has a continuous beam line style and focuses on every object or route. Thus this most powerful laser pointer is best applicable for riding, biking, hiking, camping, climbing, distant outdoor exploration, sending distress signals and distant target, etc.

  • Light Modes

The strongest laser comes with added benefits of entertainment as well. This strongest laser comes with a stronger 30W blue laser and 5-star heads shaped light modes (4 different star effects, 1 straight line).

  • Specifications

Storage temperature: -10°c~ + 40°c

Working current: 3.7 V 1.1 A
Working voltage: DC = 3.7 V

Start voltage: DC = 2.5 V
Preheat time: no
Size(mm): 190(L)x26(HD)
Weight(g): 150/370
Battery: 2x16340 (not included)
Packing size(mm): 200(L)x95(W)x53(H)