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Suspended Tent


  • This Suspended Tent is our most advanced two-person tree tent yet. This lightweight model is the perfect size for backpacking and adventuring deep into the wilderness.
  • It comes with only one ratchet to save on weight, and its handy size means this tent can be set up between most tree configurations - even in dense forest.
  • The rain fly flaps can also be folded underneath the tent and hooked to each other, creating a second windbreak and a thermal buffer.
  • Includes tent, poles, removable flysheet, lightweight durable bag, ratchet buckles with 3 straps and an instruction manual
  • Suspension system keeps the tent off the ground making it environmentally friendly, plus comfortably away from roots and rocks for a sweet sleep
  • 3 heavy-duty straps combined with 3 ratchet buckle system let you tension and suspend the tent from 3 trees of at least 10 in. in diameter, at about 4 ft. above the ground
  • Rainfly attaches snugly in inclement weather and can be pegged out for ventilation
  • Sleeps 2 adults comfortably, or 1 adult plus kids; plus room for gear storage