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Trekking Hiking Stick Poles

Are you looking for trekking poles?

Then this is the one for you! High stream gear adventures, Get the speed, traction, balance, and rhythm you need without expending any extra energy. These mountaineering poles include Tungsten Carbide Tips | Rubber Tips | Boot Tips | Mud Baskets | Snow Baskets | Adjustable Strap Handles and a Carrying case with a pocket for all the accessories.

Trekking Hiking Stick Poles in the mountains

Real cork handles: Glissade down that slope, climb a tricky ridge, walk on a beautiful trail or just whack thorny bushes out of your face – with no sweat. Each walking stick has REAL cork handles for a secure, non-slip grip. Our cork handles will also change to fit the shape of your hand the more you use them.

Hiking poles you’ll be proud off: Pick your way over rugged terrain, while keeping your balance and alleviating pressure to your lower body. These hiking poles are designed for those who live to conquer mountains and scale summits!


Trekking Hiking Stick Poles 4 different kind of uses


  • Adjustable from 25" to 53.1" inches featuring an easy flip lock height adjustment. Perfect for everyone from short to tall.
  • 2 Poles contain anti-shock springs for more comfortable trekking,anti-shock spring mechanism reduces strains on hands and wrist, which is perfect for people with weak joints, prior sports injuries, and it is best for downhill hiking.
  • Soft EVA foam hand grips with wrist strap absorbs moisture from sweaty hands and very comfortable to hold.
  • 3 Made of aviation 6061 aluminum alloy, strong and ultra-light, convenient to carry. A necessary tool for outdoor activities like hiking, mountaineering, traveling, etc.



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