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Updated Anti-Aging Hydrogen Water Machine

Drink your way to better health with hydrogen-rich water. No need to spend hundreds of dollars because all you need is the Rechargeable Anti-Aging Hydrogen Water Bottle. Hydrogen-rich water is easy to absorb and can help to boost your metabolism, reduce constipation, improve your skin and even anti-aging. You can bring it anywhere and charge via USB so you'll always have access to hydrogen-rich water.

How Does It Work?

  • Pour water into the cup. The water temperature should be below 40 degrees.
  • Click the switch.
  • It takes about 3 minutes to finish


    • Elegant but sturdy water bottle.
    • Uses electrolysis technology to separate water molecules.
    • Hydrogen ions in water can effectively ameliorate insomnia, fatigue, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure and improve memory.
    • Made of high borosilicate glass, high quality and safe to use.
    • With a USB cable, it can be charged by a computer or a cell phone USB charger, convenient to use.
    • It only needs 3 minutes to produce a cup of hydrogen-rich water.


      • Hydrogen content: 0-1150ppb
      • Water temperature: 5-40℃
      • Charging: USB charge
      • Bottle capacity: 380ML

        What you'll Get

        • 1 x Ionizer Alkaline Water Bottle
        • 1 x USB Cable
        • 1 x User Manual