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Waterproof Wearable Baby Bib With Pocket

Never worry and enjoy not having to clean up after your child! Most parent's use usual ordinary bibs to try and prevent mess and spills. Most of the time children somehow still manage to make a mess which takes up your time and effort to clean. That's why we revolutionised the Bib and designed our Waterproof Wearable Baby Bib With Pocket which will entirely prevent all mess forever.


  • Full Body Suit - Your child's clothes will never get dirty, no constantly changing from having yucky spills and stains!
  • Waterproof Bib - Don't stress about your child spilling their drink, our wearable bib will reject any liquids! 
  • Convenient - The wearable bib slides on and off in under 3 seconds, no hassle and all food dropped will fall into the attached pocket!

Imagine never cleaning up spills, crumbs and yucky food after your child has eaten. Most mother's spend hours of their valuable time each day cleaning up after their little one. For years, mothers have been using regular ordinary bibs that provide no true benefits, which is why we revolutionised the bib and created the Waterproof Wearable Baby Bib With Pocket to fix all issues imaginable.